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What can be EFILED from ProFile

T1/TP1T1 individual return - 2017 to current year
T1 Auto-fill my Return (AFR) - 2016 to current year
T1013 - current year (can not be re-submitted)
T1135 - 2017 to current year
T1135 Amended - 2017 to current year
T1 ReFILE - 2017 to current year
TP1 ReFILE - 2018 to current year
T1 Express Notice of Assessment (ENOA) - 2017 to current year
T1 PAD - 2017 to current year
TP1 NETFILE - 2017 to current year
RC59EFILE - 2017 to current year
T1 return - 2016 and older
TP-1.R (TP1 adjustment
T2/CO-17/AT1T2 corporate return - from 2007 to current year (returns must be created in the right module)1
T2 adjustments - Tax year starting April 1, 2015 to present
CO17 NETFILE - Tax year starting Jan 1, 2016 to current year
CO17 amendments - 2019 to current year
AT1 NETFILE - Year start date of 2016 to current year
AT1 NETFILE (Alberta) for amended corporate returns - with the updated T2 2016-2019 module, users can NETFILE amended returns for taxation years starting January 1, 2016 and ending on or before the current date.
T106 - from 2015 to current year
T1134 - from 2015 to current year
T1135 - from 2015 to current year
T1135 Amended - from 2015 to current year
RC59/RC59X - 2016-2018 or later modules
T2 corporate return - 2006 and older

ProFile does not support .cor file production for uploading to CRA
T3/TP-646T3 returns - 2017 to current year
T3, NR4, RL16 original slips - 2015 to current year only
T3, NR4, RL16 amended or cancelled slips - 2015 to current year only
T3 Information Return - any year

TP-646 return - paper only

Any other slips for prior years
FX/QT4, T4A, NR4, T5008, and T5018 original, amended, or cancelled slips - current year only.

Note: the above slips may or may not transmit for prior years depending on the CRA slip template. If the template for the prior year has not changed on CRA's end, the slip may be transmitted correctly. We recommended to paper file older years slips if there are any issues with transmission.

T5 - 2019 to current year

T5013 slips and return - current year only, beginning with ProFile version 2017.3.0

T2202a - 2019

RL1, RL2, RL3, RL8, RL15, RL24, RL25, RL30, and RL31 original, amended, and cancelled slips  - 2016 to current year only
RL summaries are not sent to MRQ with the RL slip filing. Be sure to file RL summaries by mail or use the MRQ electronic service.
Any other slips for prior years

T5013 return for prior years


1As per CRA: Effective on October 19, 2015 (Fall Release) in accordance with the latest CRA requirements, Corporation Internet Filing (CIF page) will stop accepting T2 returns filed in EDI format. EDI was replaced by a custom format in 2009, but the CIF page continued to accept returns in EDI format. CIF will now reject the EDI format returns with new error message #40: "We no longer accept returns in the format of the attached file. Please file your return on paper".

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