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How much data does the TSheets app use?

95% of TSheets Mobile App customers use less than 30MB of data per month*
On average, TSheets Mobile App customers use about 5MB of data per month*

The exact amount of data used varies by:

  • Device (iOS devices attempt to sync for shorter durations.)
  • Connection (When connected to WiFi, no data is used.)
  • How often a team member changes locations
  • How often a team member clocks in, switches jobs or customers, and clocks out

Because it can vary, check the exact data usage in your mobile device:

  • Android:
    1. Tap Settings, then select Apps.
    2. Select Application manager and scroll down to TSheets.
  • iOS: Tap Settings, then select Cellular and scroll down to TSheets.

*Based on TSheets customer mobile data usage collected from February 1st - April 30th, 2018.

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