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ProFile Help

Batch carry forward files using the Client Explorer Database

1. Select "Environment..." from the "Options" drop-down menu in the top toolbar.

The "Environment Options" window displays.

2. Select the "File" tab.

3.  Review the file path displayed in the "File Directories" section of the window; ensure it is set to the correct location:

User-added image

4. Press <F3> to open the Client Explorer..

If you used ProFile last year, the Client Explorer displays a list of last year's tax return files. Skip to step 7 below.

If you are using ProFile for the first time this year, or if you installed ProFile on a new computer, you need to index the database to include last year's files. Proceed to step 5 below.

5. Click the Index button.

6. Click the checkbox Select File Types.

This expands the dialog box to allow you to include or exclude certain file types in the index. Select the file types that you want to carry forward. You can carry forward ProFile files and any competitor files from the previous taxation year.

1. Click on the Browse button to find last year's files.

2. Click on OK twice.

ProFile adds information to the database for ALL the client files in this folder. You can create a list of clients from different folders on your computer or on the network. ProFile adds all the files to the existing list each time you use the Index button in another folder.

3. Click on the Filter button.

4. Use filters to display only files that meet the criteria you set, such as client files that are ready to be carried forward.

For example, to create a list of T1 files to carry forward, select the appropriate checkboxes under the T1 tab at the bottom of the screen. Then select the year 2008. The filter will display the T1 files that are ready to carry forward from 2008 to 2009.

5. Click on the ALL tab.

6. Right-click on the client list and select Select All from the pop-up menu if you want to carry forward all the files. If you want to carry foward only a certain number of files, use the CTRL key to select them individually.

7. When done selecting the files, right-click and select Carry Forward Files.

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