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Build an EFILE file using the Client Explorer

To build files for transmission to the CRA or the provincial ministries using the Client Explorer database:

  1. Open the Client Explorer.
  2. Click the All tab on the client list window.
  3. Click the [Filter] button.
  4. In the Filters pane, select only the checkbox on T1 tab, the current year under the years section and 'Eligible' under the T1 EFILE Status section. (For SEND transmissions, filter for eligible files using the SEND status settings) and click the Apply filters button.

    This filters your client list to only show those T1 returns that are ready to EFILE.
  5. From the list of eligible files, select the the files that you want to include in the next transmission. If you want to include all the eligible files, right-click in the client list and choose Select All from the context-sensitive menu.
  6. Right click again on your selected files and select Build EFILE File.
  7. In the Build EFILE dialog box, select the type of EFILE file to create, or the type of slip when you are building a magnetic media file to transmit on a disk.
  8. Click [OK].
  9. The build process reports progress using a 'tree structure'. For each return, you will see a status of either Successful or Failed. You can click on the [+] beside a failed return in order to get a brief summary of the problems affecting the return. If you are magnetic media filing, you'll see a prompt to insert your disk.

For complete details on how to EFILE T1 returns, view the following guide in PDF format: EFILE T1 returns using ProFile

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