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Creating a Query for any Values on the T1135 (Client Explorer)

ProFile users can create a query using Client Explorer that will filter for returns with any amounts over "0" on the T1135.

The following field codes correspond to the "Total" boxes for each line on the T1135. Using the field codes, you can create the Query in Client Explorer if any of the following are true:

User-added image
Click the "Filter" button:
User-added image
The "Filter" pane displays at the bottom of Client Explorer window:
User-added image
Select the module (e.g., T1) and applicable tax year (e.g., 2016) to filter for.
Click the "Apply Filters" button; the filtered list of returns displays:
Click the "Advanced" button on the "Filter" pane:
User-added image
The "Advanced Filters" window displays:
User-added image
Click the "New" button; the "Add" pane displays:
User-added image
Select the "Any are true" radio button.
Click the "Add" button.
The "Add Condition" window displays:
User-added image
Enter the individual value into the "Field Name" field (e.g., "T1135[10]").
Select the value "is greater to" in the "Condition" field.
Select the value "Number" and "0", respectively, in the "Compare To" fields:
User-added image
Click the "Add" button.
The value is added to the advanced filters list:
User-added image
Repeat the process for all necessary query values.
Click the "OK" button when finished.
You will be prompted to save the query, click the "Yes" button and enter a name for the query (e.g., "T1135").
Click the "Apply Filters" button.

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