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Enabling Client Explorer database as a personal server


This article describes the basic functions to enable ProFile's Client Explorer database as a personal server.

 Enabling the Client Explorer Database

  1. Select the "Database" option from the "Options" drop-down menu in the top toolbar.
  2. Select the "Use Client Explorer" option:
  3.  Click the "OK" button.
The Client Explorer is enabled as a personal database.

Available Client Explorer Options

The "Database / Client Explorer Options" window expands to display options.
Click the "Advanced" button; the window expands:
User-added image
ProFile Database Server to use (see button 1)
Client Explorer can be used either as a standalone personal server or as a shared server where multiple computers can access and use the files.
Database to use (see button 2)
Sets the default name and location of the database; this location will default to the C: drive of the computer working as the database. ProFile saves tracking information for the Classic Database in *.FF2 files. These files do not contain all the information found in each individual client's file. Instead, they contain references and location information for the client files, so that user's can easily generate reports and export data.
Clear (see button 3)
Clears all files from the database view.
Batch Options... (see button 4)
Allows the user to select the password and overwrite behavior when performing any batch function (e.g., carry forward, indexing, EFILE, etc.)
Advanced>> (see button 5)
Offers additional options for the database.
Customized Views Storate Location (see button 6)
Sets the location of a file that allows user's to customize the Client Explorer display and save those settings. Filters can be used to easily change how and which files user's view.
Handling of clients with No Unique ID (see button 7)
Allows the user to choose how the software handles returns not containing a unique SIN, TAN or BN.
Ask about updating changed client information when files are saved (see button 8)
This is a legacy option. No longer applicable.
Indexing requires options password to be entered (see button 9)
The user selects adding additional security to ProFile and/or prevents other users from indexing the database without administrator permission.
Setup Wizard (see button 10)
Allows the user to setup the database as personal server, a shared server (where other computers connect to), or to connect to a server where the database is setup as a shared server.

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