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How to set up Internet Options if receiving error message when transmitting a return to CRA

When trying to transmit a return to CRA, an error may occur during the transaction, including "failed to initiate transaction", "Webservice unavailable" or "Shopping cart empty".

This is not a ProFile error, but could be resulting from the following situations:

  •  high security settings on the computer
  •  a network disruption
  •  settings changed via a recent Windows update

The following are solutions that may resolve the security setting issues the computer may be having:

1. Select the "About" option from the "Help" drop-down menu in the top toolbar:

User-added image

The version number (e.g., "2014.5.3") displays in the "Version Information" section:

User-added image

2. To check if the version is the most-recent available, select the "Update Information" option from the "Online" drop-down menu in the top toolbar menu:
User-added image
The "check for updates" process begins, which determines if the version if the most recent.

It is possible that an update for Windows is pending, but has not yet been activated.

1. Open the Windows "Control Panel".

2. Select "System Security".

3. Select the "System and Security" option.

4. Select the "Windows Update" option.

The "Windows Update" status window displays:

User-added image
5. Install any updates that are pending.

6. Reboot the computer after any updates are complete.

1. Open the Windows "Control Panel".

2. Select "Network and Internet".

3. Select the "Internet Options" option.

The "Internet Properties" window displays.

4. Select the "Advanced" tab.

5. Review the SSL connections under the "Settings" section:

User-added image
6. Ensure that "Use SSL" and "Use TLS" options are all selected/activated.

7. Select the "Privacy" tab.

8. Click the "Advanced" button.

9. Select the "Override automatic cookie handling" option.

10. Set "First-party Cookies" option to "Accept".

11. Set "Third-party Cookies" to "Accept":

User-added image

It may be necessary to clear your cache and browsing history of previously-viewed material, in order to allow ProFile to properly function.

1. Open the Windows "Control Panel".

2. Select "Network and Internet".

3. Select the "Internet Options" option.

4. Select the "General" tab.

5. Click the "Delete..." button in the "Browsing history" section.

6. Select "Preserve Favourites website data" and "Cookies and website data".

These options are selected so that pre-set options and history remain intact and no user data is lost:

User-added image

At times some settings can change with a Windows update. One such case is with the proxy settings.

1. Open the Windows "Control Panel".

2. Select "Network and Internet".

3. Select the "Internet Options" option.

4. Select the "Connections" tab.

5. Click the "LAN Settings" button:

User-added image
6. Uncheck the "Automatically detect settings" checkbox.

7. Uncheck the "Use a proxy server for your LAN" checkbox:

User-added image

To comply with security requirements from the CRA, ProFile requires Microsoft .NET Framework be enabled and up-to-date.

To ensure the .NET framework is correctly enabled, consult the following article on how to enable/install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 & 4.5.2 on Windows and Servers.

In order for ProFile to access its online features (e.g., auto updates, EFILE) exceptions must be created for antivirus software designed to protect computers. The exception allows ProFile to function properly while still ensuring a secure computer.

Review your antivirus software's list of exceptions; due to the different software vendors, versions and licenses, you may need to contact your vendor or research online on how to review and/or create exceptions.

Tip: if the Windows Firewall is deactivated, most likely there is an antivirus software controlling the firewall, or there's a hardware firewall. Only the network administrator can make changes to a hardware firewall.

It is possible that your privacy settings are preventing pop-up windows (like those utilized by ProFile) from displaying.

1. Open the Windows "Control Panel".

2. Select "Network and Internet".

3. Select the "Internet Options" option.

4. Select the "Privacy" tab.

5. Ensure the "Pop-up Blocker" option is deselected:

User-added image

6. Click the "OK" button.

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