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Level 1

Converting from SAGE to QBO and Dataswitcher

I understood that all SAGE conversions to QBO needed to be done by QBO administration. Is this correct? It appears that an individual could upload their own SAGE data to Dataswitcher and not go through the QBO administration.

QuickBooks Team

Converting from SAGE to QBO and Dataswitcher

Hello jennd2,

I'm happy to hear from you again! Converting from SAGE to QuickBooks can be a complex process but the good news is that QuickBooks makes this transition as smooth as possible. I'd be glad to steer you in the right direction so you can start taking advantage of the powerful features offered in QuickBooks. 


Using the DataSwitcher is a great way to convert your data and you're more than welcome to explore this route using this link here. The link walks you through the conversion checklist and provides the info you'd need to successfully convert your data. I'd also recommend you to check out this detailed article with more info on: Converting Sage 50 data to QuickBooks Online.


Another option to convert your data would be using third-party apps. Third-party apps provide the autonomy to convert your data with ease and I encourage to search for these apps right from our app store using this link here. If you have more questions about using the DataSwitcher, don't hesitate to ask. I got your back. 

Level 15

Converting from SAGE to QBO and Dataswitcher

You may open a new QBO account


then you may contact any 3rd party migration service to help you. Should you need to migrate data from Sage50, DS offers a free migration service. For other Sage product, you have to purchase a migration service. Contact us should you need our service fee to compare.


What we don't convert

* Budgets
* Track Inventory
* Description
* Classes
* Items
* QTY and sales price
* Fixed Asset
* Expense Claims
* Memorized Transactions
* Payment Terms
* Custom VAT Rates
* Invoice Templates
* Time Sheets
* Repeating Invoices after the "Convert To" date
* Deleted/Void Transactions
* Allocation of Invoices or Bills against credit notes
* Transaction lines with Nil Values
* Attachments
* Unreconciled Entry



Level 3

Converting from SAGE to QBO and Dataswitcher

Use a third-party data migration service to convert from Sage 50 to QBO. Simply Google a service: