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Deleting a cc with a balance



How do I delete a cc with a balance (the company is no longer paying it).  Once deleted, what happens to all exiting transactions?  I need this removed from the balance sheet asap and hoping someone can help :)



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QuickBooks Team

Deleting a cc with a balance

Hi there, 


If your company is no longer in charge of paying for a credit card that has an existing balance on it, QuickBooks Online is here to help make it easy to remove this card moving forward. I know how important it is to make sure your balances are all appearing correctly in your account. I'd be happy to help you get this sorted out. 

If there's a balance on the credit card, you'll be able to make the credit card account inactive, rather than deleting it. To do that, right-click on the account, then select Make Account Inactive. The existing transactions can still be viewed.


If you're trying to adjust the balances of your accounts, I recommend speaking to your accountant as to what the best method would be to resolve this for your business. 


If you have any other questions, please reach out to our tech support team


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