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E-transfer limits

Hi There, I am wanting to process as many payments in quickbooks as I can via my linked bank account. I understand that per my banking agreement, I cannot send e-transfers over/or exceed $5000 in one day but am not sure if this limit is applied if I pay via quickbooks. I have some bills that come in that are greater than the $5000 limit as well as daily transactions greater than $5000, how is this managed by Quickbooks. Thanks,

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QuickBooks Team

E-transfer limits

Hi there, 


Thanks for contacting us. QuickBooks Online makes it easy to record transactions. If you're processing transactions outside of QuickBooks, you can manually record them and I'll show you how. To do this: 


1. Go to the Create (+) icon at the upper right.




2. From the list of transactions, select the one you want to create.


If you don’t see the transaction type you want to record, select Show more at the bottom to view the complete list. Since your bank limits are separate from QuickBooks, I can happily answer questions related to the program and show you how to record transactions in this example. Feel free to let me know if I'm missing something. I'd be happy to provide the assistance you need.