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Getting Error 19 (3) Verify Target: Invalid Sibling name. Rebuilding the company file does not solve the issue, does anyone have any solutions?

The error causes QB to crash when opening the bill associated with the error (i.e. KT271W02 in our case). I'm unable to delete and re-enter the transaction as opening the bill causes it to crash. 

I understand why the error occurs but i'm unable to open the bill to fix it, the bill for some reason got entered into the inventory account (1400) when it should be in
A/P (2000), but again I'm unable to open the bill to make any changes. 

Has anyone encountered this problem and is aware of a fix? I've attached a screenshot of the exact error. 

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Getting Error 19 (3) Verify Target: Invalid Sibling name. Rebuilding the company file does no...

Hi attalega-7028,


Thanks for all the details you've given here. I'm not seeing a screenshot, but that's okay! I've got an idea from what you've described. It sounds like you've already tried the steps to resolve data damage to your company file, but feel free to review the article again to make sure you've covered all the steps.


Another option is to create and restore a portable company file. Although mainly used for creating a file size that can be easily emailed or put onto a flash drive, the way the program creates and handles these kinds of files can also help when it comes to data errors. The article I've linked explains more about the process. 


You could also try deleting the bill from the Chart of Accounts, and then recreate it. Go to Company in the top menu, click Chart of Accounts (or use CTRL + A as a shortcut), then double click to open the appropriate account. Find the bill in question and now you can either right click, then click Delete Bill or click the bill to select it, then click Edit from the top menu, and Delete Bill. In this case, CTRL + D is the shortcut you can use once the bill is selected. Going into the Vendor Centre to delete and recreate the vendor, and subsequently the bill, is another option you can consider.


If those don't work for you or you're like to try other options, I recommend getting in touch with the phone support team. They can take a closer look and determine if this is something we can help you fix on the call or if our Data Services team needs to take a look at it. Reach out to our team at 1-877-772-9158. Pro and Premier agents can help 24/7 while Enterprise agents are on hand from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. EST.


Learn more about potential support fees below.

We'll help you get back in working order as quickly as possible. Enjoy your weekend!