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I accidentally catagorized a transfer as an expense. Can I redo this?

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Rebecca R
QuickBooks Team

I accidentally catagorized a transfer as an expense. Can I redo this?

Hi there brettrusnak,


Correctly categorizing transactions that pull into the bank feeds is an important part of accurate bookkeeping. QuickBooks Online makes it easy to categorize transactions as well as to fix mistakes when they arise. Incorrectly recording a transaction can happen from time to time, and with the right steps you'll be back to doing what you love in no time. Let me go over this with you.


When a transaction has been added from the bank feed, it moves from the For review tab to the Categorized tab. When you want to make a change or fix a transaction that's been added incorrectly, simply follow the steps below:


  1. Navigate to the Banking or Transactions page.
  2. Select Categorized to view all categorized transactions.
  3. Locate the transaction that you'd like to correct.
  4. Select Undo from the Action column.
  5. Navigate to the For review tab.
  6. Locate the same transaction and correctly categorize it.


When you're ready to categorize and add the transaction again, ensure that you select Record as transfer so that it's recorded accurately. Here are some great articles for you to refer to for more information on this process:



This problem has a simple fix, and I know you'll get the hang of it in no time! Have a great evening.

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