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If i chose standard checks to print for my suppliers, will that print for 3 different supplies or the same one 3 times

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Rebecca R
QuickBooks Team

If i chose standard checks to print for my suppliers, will that print for 3 different supplies or the same one 3 times

Hello afugnitto,


Printing cheques straight from QuickBooks Online is one of the many handy features that our small-business accounting software is equipped with. I'm so glad to hear that you're learning how to make use of it, so let me go over how to preview and print cheques.


 It sounds to me like you've already gone through the Print Cheques set-up, which is where you choose the type of cheques you use. Standard cheques come 3 to a page which gives you the ability to print 3 different cheques at once. So to answer your question, you won't be printing the same one 3 times, but can print 3 cheques for 3 different suppliers per page if necessary. 


Once you've completed the setup process you'll now see any cheques that you've already created in a list from the Print Cheques page. If you're not seeing any there just yet, it's likely that you haven't checked the box for Print later during the entry process. It's not too late to do that though - simply locate the cheques from the Expense tab and click to open them. Check off the Print later box and hit Save and close. Now return to the Print Cheques page from the + New menu and you should see them listed.


Select the box to the left of the cheques you'd like to print, indicating the starting cheque number in the field directly above. Next choose Preview and print in the bottom right corner where you'll see a preview of how they'll print. If everything looks correct, select Print. Once you Close the preview window, you'll be prompted with a window that asks if your cheques printed OK. If they didn't, you can choose to select some that need reprinting or to keep all cheques in the print list so you can try again. 


Here's a great article with a ton of information on how to Print cheques in QuickBooks Online. Check it out when you have a chance. If you have any additional questions, stop by the Community again and I'd be happy to help you out! Enjoy your day.

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