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Importing inventory category and sub-items

I'm a wholesaler and I'm trying to import a list of products from my supplier. We are using quickbooks online plus - specifically to be able to manage inventory. The products are apparel so each product has multiple variations. Based on the available documentation (, it seems like it should be possible to import products with sub types (sizes, color, etc.). However, when I import, there is no way to select what fields should be category vs item variations.

How do I format the excel to correctly take advantage of sub-types?

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QuickBooks Team

Importing inventory category and sub-items

Hi cviller, 


I'm happy you're using QuickBooks to manage your products and services. I'd be happy to point you towards the right direction with making sure you're able to import the sub-types. 


When importing your sample file, QuickBooks provides a sample file which shows you how to correctly format your Excel file. To find this sample file, click on Gear the icon > Import Data > Products and Services > Download a sample file. I encourage you to use the sample file as a reference point. 


In case you have other questions, feel free to contact our support team using this link here.



Level 1

Importing inventory category and sub-items

Does that file have what I'm asking for?

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