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New Customer Email Should Automatically Populate New Invoices!

There's a problem with QB Online that is causing me a lot of grief.


Sometimes customer email contact changes, so I update the address in the customer's profile. The problem is that when I add a new invoice within projects under that customer, the old customer email is carried forward, and the invoice gets sent to the wrong address.


A change in the customer's contact should populate all projects under that customer. I should not have to go in and manually update email address for each invoice. It's inefficient for me to have to keep record of the email addresses that have changed.


The software should be updated so that all changes in the customer profile populate all projects and invoices under that customer that are generated after the change.


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New Customer Email Should Automatically Populate New Invoices!

Hey jasonkieffer,


It's great that you're using the Projects feature for the powerful categorization of your jobs and sources of income. QuickBooks Online is focused on giving you full control, while simplifying every element of your bookkeeping. The Projects option was built upon our sub-customers feature by adding a more detailed overview and clearer insights. The email address for a project defaults to the last one used, or the one entered in the customer's profile. This is meant to give you more control so you can edit your customers without affecting each project. I can see how this is causing you grief, so I'll be happy to help get this sorted out.


The easiest way to update the email address for a project is to create a new invoice, and update the email before saving it the first time. This will trigger the update in our systems, so future sales forms will have this new email (even if you delete this invoice). We're always looking for new enhancements to add even more convenience to using Projects, and you can help us elevate the QuickBooks experience by submitting feedback directly to our engineers. 


Hope this helps!