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Payroll report



I am looking for a report that will be by payroll item and will include net and gross pay per employee.

Can anyone please help with this?


Thank you

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Payroll report

Hello @chowder ,


I think your best option is a Payroll Summary.  It is available for each employee when you have an employee selected in the Employee Centre.  However, you can customize the report to include all your employees if you like.


The top section is everything making up the Gross Pay.  The 2nd section are any deductions from Gross Pay, leaving a total for Adjusted Gross Pay.  The next section are the taxes that are withheld, and the next any deductions from Net pay, leaving you with the Net Pay for that period.  There are two more sections at the bottom for the employer taxes and contributions and Vacation Pay Accrued.  If you want to eliminate those from the report, you can do so using Customize Report.


You will have to keep everything from the Gross Pay section down to the Net Pay, as Net Pay is a calculated number; it doesn't exist on it's own in any reports.

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