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Printing cheques with teamviewer

Since upgrading to version 2021 I cannot print cheques through TeamViewer.  I can print everything else.  Can you help as I have to work from home.

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Nick K
QuickBooks Team

Printing cheques with teamviewer



Being able to print your cheques to pay vendors is an integral part of running a business. I can walk you through how to print cheques in QuickBooks Desktop.


Printing cheques in QuickBooks Desktop is a quick process that can be done at the click of a button. When printing cheques you first need to make sure your QuickBooks Desktop printer settings are set up correctly by following these steps: Edit>Printer Setup>Check/Paycheck and make sure you select the type of cheque that you're using and the printer. If that doesn't allow you to print cheques you can follow the steps in this article for more steps to fix it.


Should you continue to have issues afterwards I suggest reaching out to an IT professional as something might be causing the issue outside of QuickBooks Desktop.


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