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Progress Invoicing

My estimate have multiple lines ( sometimes over 60) and I want to invoice against one line only.
How do prevent the line items not being invoiced from being displayed on the invoice?  It looks too cluttered otherwise

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QuickBooks Team

Progress Invoicing

Hi R-Mac Solutions,


It sounds like you've got a great business running considering how many items you sometimes invoice to your customers. That's great! Thanks for sharing what you're looking to do. I can appreciate not wanting to clutter your invoice with line items that the customer doesn't need at that time. It makes it easier for both you and them to see and understand what's owed for that invoice. Here's something to consider.


When you create an invoice from an estimate, QuickBooks Online gives you the option to choose from Total of all estimate linesa percentage of each line, and Custom amount for each line. As a reminder, it's the screen that looks like this.



Selecting the final option, QuickBooks creates an invoice with a zero value on each line item so you can enter what you need for each one. It's also possible to delete line items from the invoice while preserving them on the estimate so that you can continue to create invoices as needed. To do this, click the little garbage can to the far right of the line item. This will bring up the following screen.



To preserve the estimate, you want to choose the Remove line option. Clicking the unlink option will separate this invoice from the estimate, meaning it will no longer be part of your progress invoicing.


Since you've mentioned some invoices have upwards of 60 items, I know this could take a while. Going through this process will have your invoices looking the way you'd like them for the customer. Give it a shot and see if it works for you.


Feel free to ask more questions!