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How i can retrive requiring transaction

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QuickBooks Team

How i can retrive requiring transaction

Hi there info1363,


It's great to have you join us here in the QuickBooks Community, where you can ask questions and find answers to your QuickBooks Online questions. As a QuickBooks Team member, I'm one of the people here to make sure you have the answers you need for working in the program and I'd be happy to help you with this.


When you create transactions in QuickBooks Online, there are various places you can look to find them again, such as the Sales or Expenses sections or even by visiting the Accounting tab to review the transactions in your Chart of accounts. To see the transactions in a particular account, you can click Account history or Run report, depending on the account's options.


Speaking of reports, those are also a fantastic resource for seeing your information. Transaction list reports can be really helpful for finding your transactions or you can consider the other reports available via the Reports tab to find what you're looking for. This article can help: Run reports in QuickBooks Online


Then there's also the search feature at the top of QuickBooks Online. It looks like a magnifying glass, which you can click and then type to search for various things.


If those don't do the trick for you, knowing exactly what you mean when you say you're looking to retrieve a "requiring transaction" and how you've entered it in the books will provide me with the opportunity to give you more precise directions.


Don't hesitate to share more detail here!

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