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ROE processing error, no insurable earnings

We have just setup payroll in Quickbooks premier 2018.  We have entered historical information for the year.  We have several employees that left since January and we are trying to process ROEs to keep everything in line.  The T4s printed and reviewed show all information correctly and matching Sage 50 we are transferring from.  When we try to process the ROE form we get an error saying there is no insurable earnings information, which is shown on the reviewed T4 slip. Please advise.

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ROE processing error, no insurable earnings

Have the ROE's been filed with Service Canada? If they have, it is not necessary to process ROE's  in Quickbooks. Open the departed employees' profile>Employment info tab and enter a release date and ROE code and mark the employee Inactive.

Regarding the warning - perhaps the YTD Summaries are entered incorrectly. Go to Employees>Payroll Setup>Setup YTD Amounts. Make sure that the correct dates are selected in the second window that pops up (Screenshot 1). If those dates are correct, perhaps the YTD Summary is not completed correctly. Be sure to enter amounts for ALL payroll items assigned to each employee - including both employee and company items (Screenshot 2).