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Separate tips and non Taxable sales from incoming sales

We have sales that include HST and don't include HST at our business. We also accept tips.  

Our POS system does not integrate well with QB. 

So, when we get our bulk deposits from Visa or MC or whatever, I call them "sales" inclusive of  HST when I accept them into QB. These sales include the final amount that are rung in through the POS terminal: Tax, and tip included. 


 I would like to figure out how to separate the HST inclusive sales, the non HST sales and the tips, and still ensure that I am not overcapturing HST.  

I can pull reports from the POS system to see how much tax was rung through and how many tips and were collected. BUT, the POS system, in this report show which of these sales were Cash or not. 

Not sure how to best make  the adjustments to make it accurate. 


Any ideas? 


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QuickBooks Team

Separate tips and non Taxable sales from incoming sales

Hi there, 


Welcome to the Community. I'll be glad to assist you with splitting your transactions. 


Since your transactions are imported into QBO in bulk, I'll show you how to separate the transactions so you can identify the HST and the tips. To do this, click on your Banking tab on the left navigation menu > locate the transaction in question > click on the transaction and navigate to Split. Once you click on Split, you'll get an option to categorize your transaction the right way. I'll attach a screenshot below for reference:



To make sure the transactions are handled accurately, I recommend reaching out to an accounting professional. If you're not in contact with one, I recommend searching for one on our website using this link here. Let me know if you have other questions. I'm here to assist. 

Eric Paulin
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Separate tips and non Taxable sales from incoming sales



Can we do the same when we confirm a restaurant receipt?  I do take the picture, justify the amount, but nowhere can I split the tip from that receipt transaction


Thanks in advance


QuickBooks Team

Separate tips and non Taxable sales from incoming sales

Hello Eric Paulin,


This is a great add-on question to the above. It's awesome that you've been using the Receipts feature in QuickBooks Online and I know being able to separate amounts as needed is important. I'd be happy to go over this with you.


The Receipts feature currently works based on a single overall amount, meaning there isn't a way to do a split like there is in the bank feeds. That being said, splitting the transaction to show something like the original cost and the tips added is possible with a couple of extra steps.


In this case, what you can do is save the Receipts transaction as the entire amount, then edit the expense created to show the breakdown you need. Follow these steps after saving your receipt.

  1. Click the Expenses tab.
  2. Find the expense transaction created (Note: you can use either the Expenses or Suppliers tab for this. When using the Suppliers tab, simply click the supplier name to show the transactions).
  3. Click the expense transaction to open it.
  4. Change amounts and add new lines as needed.
  5. Click Save and close when done.

Don't worry, the receipt image will still be linked to the transaction itself. Learn more about managing expenses here: Enter, edit, or delete expenses in QuickBooks Online


Moving forward, another option you can consider for cases such as this is to create the expense transaction and then attach the receipt image during the transaction creation. This should save you a few steps and is a fairly simple process. This article goes over attachments: Attachments in QuickBooks Online


Since the Receipts tab is still a newer feature to the software, leaving feedback is a super easy task. On the Receipts tab, simply click the Give feedback button to share your thoughts about how we can enhance and grow this feature.


I hope that helps!

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