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trying to connect to my bank

I've been trying to connect to my bank since March 3rd. Everything was working fine until the 3rd, now every time I try to connect to my bank there is an error stating that the bank site is down. How is this possible? Please help

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QuickBooks Team

trying to connect to my bank

Hello terranovaswords,


QuickBooks's ability to connect to your bank with the bank feeds feature is a useful resource for easily managing your transactions in your books. Since it relies on an Internet connection, there can sometimes be errors that come up when you're trying to connect. I'll help you with sorting this out.


The best way to resolve bank feed issues through the Transaction tab in QuickBooks Self-Employed is to search the error you're getting to learn more about it. Often these errors can be resolved on your end, so checking out the troubleshooting steps is a good place to start. Here's how you can find information.

  1. Click the Assistant feature in your account.
  2. Type and enter the error you're getting into the automated chat that populates.
  3. Click and read related articles to learn how to troubleshoot.

The next steps after trying the troubleshooting steps is to get in touch with a QuickBooks Self-Employed agent if the issue persists. Once again, you'll need the Assistant feature. This time, type and enter "Talk to human," then follow the prompts to reach an agent.


The agent will be able to collect more details, such as which bank you're having issues with and your account information, and they'll be able to escalate the issue to our engineering department if necessary.


Wishing you the best! Have a great rest of your day. :)

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