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Where to book icloud storage fee and certain website expenses?

Hi there, this is a general COA question and where to book certain cost.  For expenses such as icloud storage like Dropbox (file storage) and Vimeo (video storage) where would you book that?  And for website hosting, domain name, email storage (IE GoDaddy) and software subscription such as Intuit or other software where would you book this?

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Where to book icloud storage fee and certain website expenses?

Hi again CCbookkeeper,


I'm glad to see you're still with us and using QuickBooks Desktop. :) Knowing how to categorize expenses is an important part of bookkeeping. What accounts you put them in is entirely up to you. You can use the accounts already available or QuickBooks Desktop gives you the ability to create new expense accounts to have even more recording precision for your finances.


For instance, you could create an main account called Subscription Fees and then sub-accounts for website, email, storage, software, and so forth. The Understand QuickBooks Chart of Accounts article explains account types and potential uses in more detail while also walking you through how to create new accounts if you'd like.


If you're not quite sure how it should be structured for your business or client, I recommend checking in with an accountant or your team for input. Other accountant users here in community may be able to offer some guidance, too.


Enjoy your day!