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What is QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll?


Note: There is a change to your Advanced Payroll Experience. Click here to learn about the change and it's timing.

Wagepoint and QuickBooks Online have teamed up to bring you the ultimate payroll experience. At this time, the offering is only available to new payroll customers.

Key features

  • Handles payroll taxes, contributions & deductions (including customizable ones)
  • Multiple jobs/rates for employees.
  • Complete T4 slips for you and file them with the CRA.
  • Complete Relevè-1 slips for you and file them with Revenu Québec
  • Employee self-serve portal (pay stubs & T4s)
  • Automatically fill & E-File T4 /RL-1 forms to the CRA & MRQ
  • Helps File & ePay Payroll Remittances
  • Track & remit Workers’ Compensation
  • Complete Record of Employment (ROE) and file them with Service Canada

For more information, you can visit the QuickBooks Online Payroll website. You can also check this comparison chart.

How much does this cost?

  • $20+ $2/employee each pay run.
  • Billing charged to the bank account on file.

Already using QuickBooks Online payroll?

If you're already using QuickBooks Online Payroll, we're unable to move data over at this time.

  • Existing customers must be migrated manually and we do not recommend this at this time.
  • Only available for new payroll customers.

Already using Wagepoint?

If you're already using Wagepoint, we're unable to move data over at this time.

Advanced Payroll in QBOA eligibility

You're eligible for Advanced payroll if you:

  • Have never turned on QuickBooks Payroll for your own books
  • Signed up for QuickBooks Online Accountant before March 2017

For questions, give us a call at 1-855-253-1536.

Frequently asked questions

There is a 3-day lead time for direct deposit, and the cut-off time is 12 pm ET. For example, if you have a Friday payday and want to use direct deposit, you need to submit your payroll before Tuesday at 12 pm ET.

Yes. Wagepoint deducts the service fees from the company bank account on file. You won't be able to run a payroll until the account is verified.

If you have the options selected, Wagepoint collects net pay for direct deposit, source deductions and service fees from the bank account on file each time you run payroll. Wagepoint holds all the funds in a 'business in-trust' account and the funds are available and paid as per the client's tax remittance schedule.

Yes, french is now fully supported in QBOAP.

WCB is collected at the time of payroll and remitted each month. Wagepoint does not file the report, they only make the payments.

At the current time, time tracking isn't supported but we are working on it.

Although powered by Wagepoint, Intuit provides support for this new payroll offering.

You'll need to process the advance off-cycle payroll, which will be charged the per payroll fees.

Yes, we send notifications on the pay date.

Yes. QPP, QPIP, CSST are all supported. RL1 Summaries worksheet is available in the QBOAP app. You're required to print and mail out the RL1 Summary directly to Revenue Quebec on or before February 28 each year. The RL1s are submitted electronically via bulk upload. The French version is now available.

It's verified and tested against the CRA calculator. However, we always recommend that when Custom deductions/incomes are created, make sure that the configuration is set up as required.

The stat pay calculation uses a generic formula that doesn't account for days or hours worked. For any exceptions, you should calculate the amounts manually and add it to the payroll using the holiday pay or time worked on holiday income codes.

No, CCQ isn't handled currently.

Project costing isn't offered at this point, but it's something we hope to add in the future.

You can adjust an employee's tax setting to turn off EI/CPP/Income tax at any point before you approve the payroll. If the payroll is already approved, Tier 2 Care can do the changes and on a case-by-case basis. The solution can be determined based on your employee's account.

QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll is only available for QuickBooks Online customers.

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