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QuickBooks Payroll help article hub

Payroll set up

Payroll set up checklist
Payroll set up: Turn on payroll
Payroll set up: Pay schedules
Payroll set up: Verifying general tax information for your business
Payroll set up: Company payroll tax information
Payroll set up: Payroll preferences

General Information

Temporary Wage Subsidy for Employees (10%)
How to create pay cheques for all employees
Manage employee vacation pay
Pay types overview
Create taxable fringe benefit payroll items
How to set up a non cash taxable fringe benefit for payroll in Canada
Supported pay types and deductions explained
Run payroll reports


Vacation policies for Standard Payroll
Vacation policy changes in Payroll
Payroll set up: Vacation policies
Accrue vacation in payroll
Vacation accrual FAQ
How to calculate vacation pay out for employee’s final pay cheque

Payroll Tax

Enter historical payroll tax payments
Make payroll tax payments 
How to record a payroll tax payment
Archive and view old payroll tax forms
How to access your PD7A

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit FAQ
Reverse a direct deposit
Direct Deposit limit increase

Payroll Year-end

QuickBooks Payroll Year-end Centre
Using COVID-related boxes 57 and 60 on the T4
Create a Record of Employment (ROE)
Process, review & EFILE Record of Employment (ROE) forms
How to prepare T4 slips and summary
Using T4a and T5018 forms in QuickBooks Online
View your paycheques and T4s in QuickBooks Workforce

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