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How to Restrict or Unrestrict QuickBooks Time Clock-in Computers or Locations

To limit the computers or locations from which team members can clock in and out, account administrators can set or remove authorizations. Team members trying to sign in or clock in from an unauthorized computer or location will receive an error message: "Your computer has not been authorized for employee time entry! See your administrator to authorize this computer."


  • Only account administrators and team members granted the Manage Authorizations permission can perform these procedures.
  • The following permissions allow users to clock in at unauthorized computers or locations:
    • Administrator
    • Manage Authorizations
    • Manage Timesheets for All Team Members
    • Manage My Timesheets
    • Manage User Accounts
    • View Timesheet Reports for All Team Members
    • Mobile Time Entry

To restrict or unrestrict clock-in computers or locations, do one of the following:

Authorize an individual computer

  1. From the computer you want to authorize, go to Company SettingsTeam Member > Access Restrictions.
  2. Select Authorize Individual Computers (by cookie) and then Save.
  3. Go to Feature Add-ons > Authorizations.
  4. In the Location field, enter a name, and select Authorize This Computer.

Authorize one or more locations

  1. From any computer, go to Company SettingsTeam Member > Access Restrictions.
  2. Select Authorize Locations (by IP address) and then Save.
  3. Go to Feature Add-ons > Authorizations.
  4. Select Authorize a new location (IP address).
  5. Enter a description and an IP address, and select Save.
  6. To add additional locations, repeat these steps.
  7. For locations that have not been authorized, you can choose to Block logins for users with no permissions (blocks all users except those with any of the permissions listed above) OR Block all access for all users, including mobile apps (blocks all users, including admins, from all unauthorized locations. Also prevents login on mobile apps).

Remove all computer and location clock-in restrictions

  • From any computer, go to Company SettingsTeam Member > Access Restrictions.
  • Select No Authorization and then Save.

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