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Creating early T4 T5013 using the previous year FX module

Follow these steps to prepare next year's T4 slips using the previous year's FX module:

  1. Open a new FX file pertaining to the year-end for preparing T4s.
  2. Go to the T4/RL1 Summary section of the Info form.
  3. Override the Tax year (slips) field with the year for which the T4s being prepared apply to;
    ProFile will automatically display the applicable CPP and EI rates.
  4. Use the Form Explorer (F4) to open the T4Detail form.
  5. Enter the employee data on the T4Detail form
  6. Click the arrow in the top right corner of this window to access a new blank T4Detail form to enter the next employee data.

NOTE: After completing the first T4 data entry on the T4Detail form, make sure that the correct  year is showing on the T4Slip.

To create T5013 returns

Open the form T1013FIN and enter the applicable dates on box 60 and 61.

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