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EFILE the T106 Return

ProFile users can electronically file (EFILE) the T106 - Information Return of Non-arm’s Length Transactions with Non-Residents in the T2 module.

The T106 return can undergo EFILE before or after filing the T2 return.

EFILE the T106 Return

  1. Open the T106 return undergoing EFILE.

  2. Select the “EFILE the T106” option from the “EFILE” drop-down menu in the top toolbar.

  3. Click the “OK” button when presented with a request for confirmation.

Note: select the “Do not show this warning again” option to avoid seeing the confirmation message in subsequent EFILE efforts.

  4. Clear any audit messages before transmitting the form.

If the return transmits successfully, ProFile displays a confirmation number. Retain this number for your records.

If the return transmission is unsuccessful, ProFile displays the errors identified by the CRA. Correct any errors and resubmit the return.

Amending a T106 Return for Deletion

ProFile users can electronically amend a T106 return that underwent EFILE and needs to be deleted.

  1. Open the slip to be deleted.

  2. Select the “Delete Form” option from the “Form” drop-down menu.

  3. Select the reason for deleting the slip from the drop-down menu:

  • Duplicate
  • Filed in error
  • Other

The slip is marked as “Deleted” for transmission to CRA.

Note: an amended return can only be filed electronically if the original return was filed electronically.

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