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How to use the Express NOA (ENOA) feature in ProFile

What is Express NOA (ENOA)?

ENOA is a CRA service that allows individuals and authorized representatives to view the basic result of an assessment immediately after filing a return and to receive the full notice of assessment the next day.

The instant assessment results provide the status of the return with a summary of the refund, amount owing, or a zero balance and deposit information, if applicable.

The full notice of assessment provides an account summary with the result of the assessed return showing a refund, a zero balance, or a balance owing, tax assessment summary, explanation of changes and other information, and RRSP/PRPP deduction limit statement. It may also contain the Home Buyers' Plan statement and Lifelong Learning Plan statement.

Note: CRA processes most ENOA requests within one day. However, some cases may require up to five days for processing.

Who can use ENOA?

  • individuals
  • authorized representatives

What is required to make an ENOA request?

Preparers using the ENOA feature require:

  • a completed and EFILED return
  • a CRA assessment of said return
  • a completed T1013 form

How does someone get authorized to submit ENOA requests?

To use the Express NOA service, you must:

  • be a registered electronic filer
  • be registered in Represent a Client and have a RepID, GroupID or business number
  • have a valid Form T1013, Authorizing or Cancelling a Representative with Level 1 (or higher) authorization for online access on file with the CRA
  • have a valid Form T183 and have completed Part C for the Express NOA function

Please see the "Frequently Asked Questions" section at the bottom of this article for more information.

Selecting the ENOA option on the “Info” form

1. Identify the query “Do you want preparer to get Electronic Notice of Assessment?” on the “Info” form:

User-added image

2. Select the “Yes” option.

Updating Form T183

It is necessary to update the Form T183 - Information Return for Electronic Filing of an Individual's Income Tax and Benefit Return prior to submitting an ENOA request.

1. Open the T183 form attached to the initial EFILE request.

2. Navigate to "Part F – Delivery of your notices of assessment and reassessment" of the T183 form.

3. Confirm option #3 has been automatically selected from the available options:

User-added image

Option #3 informs CRA that the electronic filer will receive notices of assessment and reassessment and will provide the client with a copy.

Note: option #2 can also be selected in addition to selecting option #3; in this event, notices of assessment and reassessment are provided and are made available online.

Failure to select option #3 results in an error during the ENOA submission.

Starting Express NOA (ENOA)

The ENOA process is undertaken twice:

  • the first generates a short summary/assessment of the return
  • the second generates a full summary/assessment of the return

The second iteration can usually be undertaken 24 hours after the first, although there may be delays from CRA of up to five days.

Both ENOA undertakings are done in the same manner in ProFile.

Making the Initial ENOA Request

1. Open ProFile.

2. Open the return that ENOA is being sought for.

3. Select the "View Notice of Assessment (ENOA)" option from the "EFILE" drop-down menu in the top toolbar:

User-added image

The ENOA wizard displays in ProFile:

User-added image

4. Review the wizard content and click the "Next" button.

If this is a spousal return, select a specific spouse from the drop-down menu, then click the "Launch CRA Website" button:

User-added image

5. If this is a single return, click the "Launch CRA Website" button:

User-added image

The ENOA wizard indicates that the CRA website has been launched in a separate browser window:

User-added image

6. Navigate to the "CRA Login" browser window that was launched; enter the user ID and password information and click the ?Login? button:

User-added image

In the CRA web browser, the ENOA "request processing" status displays:

User-added image

7. The CRA web browser displays the SIN of the client for whom the ENOA request is being made; if the number correctly corresponds to the client, click the "Next" button:

User-added image

A new browser displays the details of the successful ENOA request; this page can be saved or printed:

User-added image

8. Click the "Close" button; it is now necessary to wait a minimum of 24 hours to repeat the request and acquire the full ENOA summary.

Making the ENOA Follow-Up Request

CRA processes most ENOA requests within 24 hours if the initial request; it is necessary to repeat the ENOA process to acquire the full summary.

1. Open ProFile.

2. Open the return that ENOA is being sought for.

3. Select the "View Notice of Assessment (ENOA)" option from the "EFILE" drop-down menu in the top toolbar:

User-added image

4. Repeat the previous steps in the ENOA wizard; you will again be prompted to login to CRA.

The following message is displayed in the CRA browser during the second request:

User-added image

5. Close the "Successfully connected" window; the full ENOA summary displays in the browser window:

User-added image

6. The Express NOA wizard in ProFile displays a link to the full ENOA; click "View Notice of Assessment" to see the assessment:

User-added image

7. Click the "Close" button; the ENOA is complete.

Reviewing the ENOA

Note: ProFile stores a local copy of the ENOA for record-keeping purposes upon the second iteration of ENOA being completed; this is after 24 hours has passed.

1. Select "Options" under the "EFILE" menu in the top toolbar in ProFile.

The "Electronic Filing Options" menu displays:

User-added image

2. Select the option "T1" under the "General" tab.

The location of the ENOA file is listed in the "EFILE Directory" field:

User-added image

3. Navigate to this directory; the ENOA file is saved with the following format:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I received an error relating to a T183 form; has the ENOA process stopped?

If Part C of the T183 form is not completed as required prior to ENOA, the following error displays during the submission:

User-added image

The ProFile ENOA wizard continues to display, and appears to still be verifying:

User-added image

The ENOA process has stopped; click the "Cancel" button to close the ENOA wizard.

Correct the missing T183 information issue prior to another ENOA attempt.

Can I use ENOA for a friend or family member's return?

Yes, if you have acquired the necessary authorization.

Can I still get a Notice of Assessment mailed if I use the ENOA feature?

A notice of assessment is no longer mailed to the individual when ENOA is used.

Why was my ENOA request rejected by CRA?

It is possible the initial filing has not yet been assessed; it is a requirement that a return be assessed by CRA prior to making an ENOA request. Preparers can check their "My Account" with CRA to see the status of any returns.

User-added image

Why did my ENOA connection fail?

A connection will most likely fail due to an Internet issue; ensure your Internet or Wi-Fi is connected properly.

User-added image

Is ENOA available for Quebec returns?

No, not at this time.

Where can I learn more about ENOA?

You can review the CRA's "About Express NOA" page for more details here.

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