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Recommended use of RQ Import and Auto-fill my Return (AFR) for Quebec residency clients


For RQ Import and Auto-fill my Return (AFR) usage, ProFile strongly recommends following the guidelines below to prevent duplicate entries being imported into a client's tax return.


Using RQ Import

1.  Navigate to the client's file.

2. Select "Quebec" as the "Province" on the client's "INFO" sheet.

3. Select the "RQ Import" option from the "File" drop-down menu in the top toolbar.

4. Complete the fields. An "RQ Access Code" from Revenu Quebec is required.

5. Click "Import"; the data imports.

Import carry over amounts ONLY from Auto-fill my Return (AFR)

Auto-fill my Return (AFR) allows the import of a client's slip data (e.g., T4 and T5). However, RQ Import provides a similar importation of information.

In order to avoid duplication, import only the following data types to prevent duplicated entries from AFR:

  •     Registered Retirement Savings Plan contribution limit
  •     Home Buyers' Plan repayment amount
  •     Lifelong Learning Plan repayment amount
  •     Non-capital losses
  •     Capital gains and losses
  •     Federal tuition, education, and textbook carryover amounts
  •     Provincial tuition, education, and textbook carryover amounts
  •     Client Data Enquiry information

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