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RQ Data Import for TP1 returns

Importing RQ data

1. Enter in the TP1 return a minimum of the Social Insurance Number (SIN) and province of residence.

2. Select the “Import RQ Data” option from the “File” drop-down menu in the top toolbar.

The “Data Import” window opens:

User-added image

3. Click the “Continue” button; the “Secure Log In” window displays:

User-added image

4. Enter the NetFile QC Number and RQ Access Code.

Note: it is not necessary to enter a download code if an authorization to import data has already been approved by Revenu Quebec (RQ).

5. Click the “Import” button; the client’s data downloads:

User-added image

The “Data Import Worksheet” populates with the client’s data:

User-added image

6. Select the data to import into the TP1 return.

7. Assign an action for each piece of data, either “Add as New” if the data is not yet on file with RQ or “Replace” if the data is already on file:

User-added image

8. Click the “Import Selected Data” button; the selected data imports and the “Data Import Completed” message displays:

User-added image

9. Click the “Continue with CRA Import” button; the data imports into the TP1 return.

10. Review the “Data Import Summary” in the return. Confirm all required slips and related information imported successfully:

User-added image

Imported data displays as purple text in the TP1 return.

Troubleshooting RQ Import Issues

A preparer receives an error code in the Data Import window:

User-added image

Preparers encounter an error code (for example, 54864) under the “STATUS” section.

1. Click on the error code; a pop-up details the error:

User-added image

2. Address the issue identified by the error code.

3. Attempt the data import again.

Note: three error codes (54865, 54866, and 54867) are informative messages only and do not require any adjustment or re-import of data. Click the “Import” button in the Data Import window if one of these codes are encountered; the data import continues.

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