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TP1 Adjustment


ProFile can automatically calculate the TP1.R form in the event an adjustment is required.

Using the form TP1.R

  1.  Open a T1 client data file that was created and filed using ProFile T1/TP1. To retain the original tax return, select the "Save As" option under the "File" menu and save the return with a modified name.
  2.  Select the "Snapshot/variance..." option under the "Audit" drop-down menu on the top toolbar:
User-added image
3.  Click the "New" button:
User-added image
  4.  Title the snapshot as something that explains the reason for the adjustment (e.g., "Additional T3 slip"); click the "OK" button. This records amounts in key fields that ProFile will check for variance after the return has been adjusted.
  5.  Navigate to the form or slip that requires adjustment and enter the new values.
  6.  Open a copy of the TP1.R#1 with the Form Explorer or press "F4";  ProFile allows unlimited copies of this form to be made, so additional adjustments to the return can be filed as necessary.
  7. Right-click on the form and choose "New" from the context-sensitive menu to create another copy:
User-added image
  8.  Right-click on the new form and select the "Adjust from [snapshot name] option (e.g., "Adjust from Additional T3 Slip") from the menu:
User-added image
ProFile compares the original return to the revised data. The software automatically detects the impact on all relevant fields and completes the table with line numbers, names, and changed amounts. This only applies to fields with CRA/RC line numbers.
On the TP1.R#1 is a free-form area where "Other details or explanations" can be provided; use <Shift> + <Enter> to start each new paragraph.

Submitting the TP1.R

1.  Print a copy of the TP1.R and mail it to the Revenu Quebec; there is no requirement to submit a full return.
Note: a TP1.R form cannot be electronically filed.
For more information on how to submit the form, visit Revenu Quebec.

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