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Transmitting discounted returns with refunds of less than $100

ProFile Warnings
ProFile offers a diagnostic for discounted returns that have a balance of less than $100. Since discounters are limited to 15% total fees on refunds of $300 or less, the profit margin may be an issue when the refund is relatively low.

ProFile does not prevent you from filing discounted returns but there is an options setting that will prevent filing if there are any unresolved ProFile warnings. This diagnostic setting is designed to help you catch possible problems before you transmit files.

Follow these steps so that warnings do not prevent you from filing discounted returns with refunds of less than $100.:

  1. Click on Options > Environment.
  2. Click on the Audit tab.
  3. In the Prevent Filing section, deselect Warnings.



Another solution is to use the preparer or partner sign off (checkmark or hooked checkmark on the toolbar) to indicate that you have reviewed the diagnostic.


To activate this feature:

  1. Click on Options > Environment.
  2. Click on the Audit tab.
  3. In the Remove Audit Messages section, ensure that the On Preparer Sign-off and/or On Partner Sign-off checkbox(es) is(are) selected.

The cursor will become an arrow with a checkmark attached to it. When you click on a field, a red checkmark will display to indicate that this field has been reviewed and that you wish to override any warning associated with this field.



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