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Inviting Clients to Join Intuit Link

A client (either an individual or organization) must be added to a preparer's client list and then invited to join. The client accepts the invitation and becomes "active" in Intuit Link.

Adding a Client in Intuit Link

1. Log on to the Intuit Link login page for accountants.

2. Enter your Inuit "One Account" user ID and password. If you haven't yet created a "One Account" account, click the "Create an account" link on the bottom of the page:

User-added image
The Intuit Link site displays:
User-added image

  3. Click the "Add new client" button from the right-side menu:
User-added image
  4. Indicate if the client is an "Individual" or "Organization":
  • for an "Individual", populate the "First Name", "Last Name", and "Email" fields. "Mobile Phone" is an optional field.
  • for an "Organization", populate the "Organization Name" and "Email" fields. "Work Phone" is an optional field.
  5. Click the "OK" button; the client has been added in client list.

Inviting the Client to Join Intuit Link

After a client has been added to Inuit Link, an invitation must be sent for the client to accept. This action activates the client in the preparer's Intuit Link application.
  1. Navigate and log on to the Intuit Link site.
  2. Select the "Clients" link on the left-side menu; the list of clients displays:
User-added image
  3. Identify the client in the list who has been added to Inuit Link but has not yet been invited. This client's status is listed as "Not invited" in "TYYY PROGRESS" column:
User-added image
  4. Click the "Invite" button under the "Actions" column:
User-added image
  5. The "Invite Client to Intuit Link" window displays:
User-added image
  6.  Some fields will be populated automatically; alter these as required to complete the invitation.
  7. Click the "Send Invite" button; the invitation is sent to the client. The client must open the invitation email and click the attached "Get Started/ Login" link inside to complete the process.
The client status in the "TYYY PROGRESS" column alters to "Invite pending" until the client's acceptance via email.
Following the client's acceptance of the invitation, the status in the 'TYYY PROGRESS" column alters to "Invite accepted".

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