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ProFile Help

Welcome to Hub

Hub works seamlessly with Intuit Link to permit integrations to more data sources.

To access Hub, select the "Hub" option from the "Goto" drop-down menu in to top toolbar:

ProFile Hub opens.

Click on the cogwheel icon in the top-right corner of the screen:

1. Choose "Enable Link".

2. Click on "Browse" and identify the location where the returns are being saved.

3. Click "Read files":

In the ProFile Hub console, select taxation years.

Accessing Link via Hub

To access Link via Hub, clients must be invited via the "Invite" button and the invitation accepted. Until the invitation is accepted by the client, access to Link via Hub is not possbile.

When the invitation has been accepted, the client status in Hub will be listed as "Invite accepted". This status may be clicked on to access Link:

Sign in to Link:

All returns will be connected to Link.

Click on "Invite" to begin:

On the "Invite Clients to Use Link window" there are options to edit the Engagement letter, Questionnaire and Checklist, or not include them in the initial invitation:

Engagement Letter

The wording can be changed to match your personal letter, or you can use the default template:

Click on "Add" to create a new letter:

Once the letter is created, ProFile confirms the change:

The dropdown menu displays all letters that have been created:


The questionnaire comes pre-loaded with default questions, which, like the engagement letter, can also be edited:

To create a brand new questionnaire, click on "Add" and name the new template:

Create custom questions by clicking on "Add New Question", typing the question and selecting the "Type".

Note: questions can also be removed from this window:

All questionnaires are accessed from the dropdown menu:


The Checklist can also be customized or omitted from being submitted. The pre-loaded options can be removed, and new ones added:

Inviting using the checklist, questionnaire, and/or letter

Once the checklist, questionnaire, and/or letter have been selected, click on "Invite":

The request is sent:

Click the "OK" button to close the invitation window.

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