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Learn more about the Cash Flow menu

Get all the details for the Cash Flow menu and the Cash Flow planner.

Cash Flow menu

Learn more about the Cash Flow menu.

Cash Flow planner

Learn more about the Cash Flow planner.

The cash flow planner gets data from several sources to get a representative view of your business’s cash flow. Future-looking data in the planner may include:

  • Any outstanding QuickBooks transactions with a future due date. This includes invoices, bills, expenses, sales receipts, or paycheques generated by QuickBooks Payroll. Once these are paid, they won't appear in the planner as future events.
  • Transactions from your connected bank accounts.
  • Money in or money out events. QuickBooks predicts based on patterns in your historical data. This includes predicted credit card payments.
  • Events you manually enter into the planner.
  • You’ll have greater visibility into your past due invoices with the cash flow planner. Our new machine-learning model predicts when an outstanding invoice may get paid. Allowing you to stay on top of your finances.

Everything you do is contained in the planner. Changes here won't impact your books in any way.

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