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Hi why is my expense report per vendor is different from expense YTD. Thank you

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QuickBooks Team

Hi why is my expense report per vendor is different from expense YTD. Thank you

Hello userceleste,


I'm excited to see that you're working with QuickBooks Online to manage your business's books and that you're taking advantage of the reports available in the program so you can have a clear sense of your figures. Reports showing different information can be a cause for confusion, so I'd like to do what I can to clear that up for you so you can get back to business.


When it comes to comparing information across reports, there are a few things to keep in mind, the foremost being that the date range you're running for is important. For instance, if you have the one report set for YTD, but then the Expenses by Supplier Summary report is only set to show you details from last month, things may not line up depending on how far back your transaction dates go.


The date ranges on reports are typically right at the top, and you can change them there, then click Run report to refresh it. Another way to access that is through the Customize button. Learn more about customizing reports here: Customize reports in QuickBooks Online


Apart from that, knowing exactly which reports you're running and what the differences are you're seeing are vital to getting to the bottom of this. Feel free to share those details here, and you can even include screenshots if you'd like. Just be sure to black out any sensitive details like supplier and business names and other details that you wouldn't want posted here in the public community forum.


I'll keep an eye out for a response from you in case you need further assistance. I'm here to help!

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