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How to show revenue as negative number on reports

How do I show revenue as a negative number on reports?




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Rebecca R
QuickBooks Team

How to show revenue as negative number on reports

Hi there John,


Viewing reports is an awesome way to get a snapshot of your business from different perspectives. QuickBooks Online offers a wide variety of customizable reports so that there's something for everybody. I'd like to explore when your reports will show negative numbers.


If you expect your revenue to show on reports as a negative number and it's not, you'll want to review a few things. First you'll need to make sure you've have entered all income and expenses accurately, and that you're charging them to the appropriate accounts in the chart of accounts. You'll also need to ensure that you've set up your Products and Services correctly, so that the Sales price (or the amount you charge your customers) and the Cost (the amount you pay your suppliers) are accurate. Once you've determined that everything is entered correctly, your reports should accurately reflect that by showing a negative number for revenue.


An accountant will be a great resource when it comes to entering data and selecting accounts to ensure that your reports pull the most accurate snapshot of your business. If you're working with an accountant already, invite them to QuickBooks by navigating to the My Accountant tab and entering their email address. If you haven't found an accountant yet, the Find a pro to help button on the same page will take you to our database of QuickBooks-certified accountants and bookkeepers that are eager to help you get back to doing what you love.


There isn't an option to show revenue or other positive numbers as a negative on reports, so if that's more along the lines of what you're looking for, please submit feedback on it! Our product development team loves hearing from users like you about what features and improvements would make doing your books a smoother process. Navigate to the Gear icon then select Feedback to have your voice heard.


Enjoy your day!  

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