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Customizing the Invoice Register Report

I am customizing the Invoice Register Report and two fields are not pulling through from the invoice to the report.

The first field is units. It is showing as a column on the invoice template, but when selecting the unit option in the custom report option, the value does not transfer to the report.

The second field is other. I have tried to both Other 1 & Other 2, but neither option is pulling the value into the report.

Any suggestions?


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QuickBooks Team

Customizing the Invoice Register Report

Hello ILFCalgary,


Customizing reports is a fabulous way to tailor how you're about to see the information in you books. This can help with easily tracking down certain transactions or giving you a broad-spectrum view of how your business is doing. QuickBooks Desktop has a number of customization options that allow you to get fairly detailed with what you're seeing, and I want to make sure you're able to take advantage of that.


In this case, knowing more about the report you're looking at will help. There isn't anything called an "Invoice Register Report" in QuickBooks Desktop Canada, so I'm not sure if what you're looking at is already a memorized report that you've called that or if the report you're looking at is named something else. In both situations, knowing the details will help since some reports have customization restrictions. Check out the Customize Reports in QuickBooks Desktop article to learn more.


Next, I'd like to get you in touch with our QuickBooks Desktop support team outside of community. Connecting with an agent in a one-on-one scenario will allow them to collect the necessary details from you to help you work through this. Because of reduced staffing due to COVID-19, Desktop has a supplemental chatline open to help customers resolve their issues and have their questions answered. Simply click the following link, fill out the form, and get ready to chat:


Wishing you the best with sorting this out! Enjoy the rest of your day.