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printing reports with GST included

How do I print reports with the GST included in the price of expenses?


When I did my year end taxes, I printed out the required reports and none of the totals included GST, so my accountant had to re-tally everything...not very handy.. Is there a setting or something that I can change to have all expenses include GST in the reports?

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QuickBooks Team

printing reports with GST included

Hi Splesman,


With QuickBooks Online, you can easily generate the reports you need to keep an eye on your business finances. If a specific report doesn't show the info you need, it can be edited by using the settings wheel or the Customize button.


In your example, you can use the Transaction List by Supplier Report to get a view of your expenses and include columns for tax and net amounts. To do so, follow these steps:


  1. Select Reports on the left menu
  2. Scroll down to Expenses and suppliers
  3. Select Transaction List by Supplier
  4. Select the Report period from the drop down menu or by adjusting the dates
  5. Select the little gear icon in the middle of the page (next to the Email, Print, and Export icons)
  6. Select Show More
  7. Check Tax Amount and Net Amount
  8. Click outside of the dialogue box
  9. Select Customize on the top right corner
  10. Select Filter
  11. Check Transaction Type and pick Expense from the drop-down menu
  12. Select Run report

This will display your expenses with the corresponding tax amounts. Here's a community article that goes in more detail on how to customize reports:


Let me know if you have any other questions.