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A/R Customer (Receiver General) has zero balance but open invoices and credits that I can't fix with receive payment and apply credits

I filed a couple HST returns in QB and it generated a JE which creates the A/R. I also use a separate A/R for HST ("Due from Government Agencies"). Fine no problem. Now, when I receive the refund, there were some adjustments because amounts were owing on another government account. So for example, I filed a $5000 refund for HST, received $2500 and the other $2500 was transferred to the payroll account. Fine. I recorded a receive payment for $2500 and made a Journal entry to offset the balance $2500 owing against payroll expense. So under the customer center, I can see that there is zero balance owing. I also know that I have to click on receive payment, select the "invoice" (the one created when I filed my HST return) and apply the credit (that was created from the journal entry). However, when I do this, it shows negative amounts applied from credits, I clear it all, apply the credits and it looks like it works, but when I check paid status, it still shows open. If I click receive payment again I can see that amount due on the "invoice" is greater than the original amount and I can also see the credit has grown. I can't seem to close the open "invoice".

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QuickBooks Team

Re: A/R Customer (Receiver General) has zero balance but open invoices and credits that I can't f...

Thanks for providing me on-point details about your concern, @acharya


Let's perform some steps so you can close your open invoices.


Here are some possible reasons your invoices are still open even the amounts are zero on the A/R Customer (Receiver General): 

  • Credit memos aren't applied to the correct invoices. 
  • Aging report preferences are incorrect.
  • Incorrect terms entered on the Terms List
  • The date on your server or on your workstation is set incorrectly.
  • Either one or both of the transactions between them is damaged.


Since you've already cleared the credits, let's first run the Open Invoices report. This is to check if the payments are linked to the correct invoices. Here are the steps: 

  1. Go to the Reports menu at the top.
  2. Select Customers & Receivables.
  3. Click Open Invoices.
  4. Look for the negative amounts that are unapplied payments or credit memos.
  5. Go to the Customers menu at the top.
  6. Select Receive Payments, then apply the payments and credit memos to the appropriate invoices.
  7. Please take note that matching an invoice with a payment must have the same A/R account and the same Customer:Job


Second, let's check your aging reports preferences by performing the steps below: 

  1. Go to the Lists menu at the top.
  2. Select Customer & Vendor Profile Lists
  3. Choose Terms List
  4. Double-click the terms on the bill or invoice. Ensure the terms are set correctly.


If the same issue still persists, I suggest performing the other solutions on the How to fix it section through this article: A Paid Bill or Invoice Shows on Report or Window of Open Transactions


For your future tasks, you can run the Tax Agency Detail report. This allows you to view the transactions that correspond the box number on the sales tax return.


If I can be of further assistance, I'm just a post away. I'd be glad to help.