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Quickbooks premier 2019 invoiced items are not being recorded as invoiced.

This just started happening last week, so I am not sure if there was an update that caused a bug. But I record time for employees and independent contractors in the TIMESHEET. I used to only used the Use Weekly Time Sheet, but last week I started using Time/Enter single activity, so maybe that is the issue (even though it shouldn't be).

Anyway, I enter the assignment/service in the timesheet and at the end of the week I invoice. I alternate between Create Invoice > add billable time/expense and Invoice for Time and Expense options on the Home Screen. 

The following week, when I go to pull up the billable expenses, the previously invoiced items are still showing up. I have double checked that they were included in the invoice, and they were. I only check the billable box in the timesheet; I do not click the billable box a second time on the vendor's bill.

The only work around is to "hide" the expenses. But if someone else were to help me with invoicing, they wouldn't know that the client was at risk for being double billed. 

Any advise? Quickbooks do you have a fix to this glitch?

QuickBooks Team

Re: Quickbooks premier 2019 invoiced items are not being recorded as invoiced.



Thanks for letting me know what's going on. I don't have any reports of what you've described regarding billable items on invoices, but I've got troubleshooting steps you can try. While it's important to make sure your customers are getting billed, we definitely only want it to be for the necessary amount! Great job using the hide feature in the meantime to make sure double billing doesn't happen.


First I'd like you to check if Sample company files are affected as well. In case you haven't seen them before, Sample files come full of mock data that you can play around with and test things out. If this error with the billable expenses is happening there as well, I'd like you to call our phone support team to report the error. Here's how you can open a sample company file.

  1. Open QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. If your company file opens automatically, click File and Close Company.
  3. On the No Company Open window, click Open a sample file and choose one to open.

Once in the file, go through the steps you're taking to enter billable time onto an invoice again and see if you have the same issue.


The second thing to do if the error isn't also appearing in the Sample file is to check your company file for data damage. Close out of the sample file, reopen your business's company file, and then follow the steps in the Resolve data damage on your company file article. Data damage can cause strange behaviours such as this in the program.


The final step is to call the phone support team. Premier support agents are available 24/7 at 1-877-772-9158. They'll have more troubleshooting steps they can take you through to figure out what's happening. Don't hesitate to reach out!


You can learn more about billable expenses and other features in the program through the QuickBooks Desktop Help feature in the program's Help menu or by pressing F1 on your keyboard as a shortcut. Navigate to the Help tab and press Search to bring up the search bar. Use keywords to find related articles.


Enjoy your week. :)

Level 6

Re: Quickbooks premier 2019 invoiced items are not being recorded as invoiced.

Hello @CCI4ASL ,


I have tried to duplicate your issue and am unable to.  The only way it seems that those time entries would show up as billable the following week, is if the 'billable' flag in the actual time sheet is clicked to become billable again.  I'm sure you know this but I just want to verify.  When you look at the weekly time card, any lines that have already been billed will have the little invoice icon in the 'billable' column; if the lines are still available to bill, then they will have a check mark in the billable column.  It is possible to click on lines that have already been billed and make them billable again, although it takes a purposeful, conscious action to do that; I don't think it would happen accidentally.  That is the only way, I think, that those entries would show up in the available billable Time list the following week.


As an aside, it doesn't matter if you enter time as single activity or on the weekly time card - the results are identical.  When you enter as single activities and then view the same week in weekly time activities, they show up in the weekly chart as though you had entered them there in the first place.


I hope you have found or will find a resolution to this.  I know how frustrating it can be when something won't work the way you expect it to.  Good luck!