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What is the best terminal/hardware to take Credit Cards in office with Quickbooks Online?

Hello all, 


I'm looking to make our workflow for accepting Credit Card payments as easy as possible, and one thing that I require is a credit card P.O.S./Terminal to help me take payments in the office. I love the feature to take payments online when i send out an invoice, but I have customers that prefer to come into our office and stick their card in a machine. 


Is there a terminal out there that integrates/syncs properly with Quickbooks Online (I'm in Canada) that can read the card information and put it into Quickbooks for us? I'd prefer a QB/1st party piece of hardware, but if that's not doable I'm open to other options. I just don't want the extra step of taking a payment on another software/gateway and then manually entering it into QuickBooks when they pay in the office. Thanks everybody!

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QuickBooks Team

What is the best terminal/hardware to take Credit Cards in office with Quickbooks Online?

Hi there, 


Accepting credit cards is an integral part of any small business. With fewer people carrying cash, it's essential to have the option to accept credit cards. I can see why your customers would prefer to use a card machine as opposed to processing their payment online. I'll explain the options below. 

QuickBooks Online Payments is the only Intuit product that allows you to process credit card transactions. At this time, this is solely used to process payments online, and there's no physical hardware add-on for swipe/tab. I recommend looking into the third-party apps that are compatible with QBO. You can see a list of options here: QuickBooks Apps


I'm sure some other QuickBooks Online users will chime in with some advice or guidance as to what's worked well for them in the past. I'm confident you'll make the best choice for you and your business. 


Have a great day.