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How can I make changes to an estimate when it's converted to an invoice?

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Rebecca R
QuickBooks Team

How can I make changes to an estimate when it's converted to an invoice?

Hello Sandra,


Creating invoices from estimates is one of the many time-saving features that's built into QuickBooks Online. I love that you've been doing this and I want to make sure you know how to make changes to your estimate. 


Even though an Invoice that is created from an Estimate is linked to it, changes made to the estimate do not reflect in the invoice. If it's necessary for the changes that are made to the estimate to carry over to the invoice, you can manually make the same changes to the invoice as well. Here's how to edit an estimate:


  1. From the Sales tab, locate the Estimate.
  2. Click on any part of the Estimate to open it up to edit.
  3. Using the appropriate fields, make any necessary changes.
  4. Click Save and close to save your changes.
  5. You'll receive a prompt that says "The transaction you are editing is linked to others. Are you sure you want to modify it?". Select Yes to proceed.


Making changes to an invoice follows a similar process, simply locate the invoice and open it up, then make sure to save your changes when complete. If the Estimate has been marked as Closed, and the changes you're making increase the total, you can change the status to Pending or Accepted so that you'll be able to create an invoice with the remaining balance. If you'd prefer to invoice your customer for the total of the estimate including the new changes, you can locate it from the Sales tab and use the arrow in the Action column to Void or Delete it. Then use the Create invoice option from the estimate again to create an invoice with the new total or a portion of it if you're using progress invoicing. 


I've included some articles below that I know you'll find helpful:



If there's anything else I can help with, you're always welcome to drop a line here in the Community!

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