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How do I make customer hours non billable?

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Rebecca R
QuickBooks Team

How do I make customer hours non billable?

Hello pinnacle4protect,


When entering time activity, you have the option to mark the time as billable. This means that the hours of work you or your employees are putting in for a customer can be added directly to an invoice. I know that some businesses use a different invoicing scheme so I want to make sure you're able to enter time activity without making it billable.


Entering time activity is as simple as navigating to the + New button, then choosing between Single time activity or Weekly timesheet. When inputting the hours, you'll simply want to deselect the Billable (/hr) checkbox in the Details column. This way the hours won't be recorded as billable. 


If you've already entered time activity that was accidentally entered as billable, use the dropdown next to employee at the top of the Weekly Timesheet page to select the week that the time was entered for. The hours you've already input will populate and you can deselect the Billable (/hr) checkbox now. Remember to Save when done.


Here are some great articles that goes over the timesheets feature in QuickBooks Online in more detail:



With some additional details I'd be happy to expand on this further. Don't hesitate to reply to this thread expanding on what you're trying to accomplish. This is a public forum, so be sure to leave out sensitive account details.

Have a great weekend!

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