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How do I put the words OVER DUE on an invoice

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Rebecca R
QuickBooks Team

How do I put the words OVER DUE on an invoice

Hello intohotwater,


Including straightforward messaging on your invoices is a great way to keep your customer in-the-loop on the status of their transaction. QuickBooks Online is equipped with a few different ways for you to approach this. Let me go over them with you.


While there is no specific field that you can add, or box to click that will show your customer that their invoice is overdue, you can use some of the existing fields, or create a custom field to display that information. If you're using QuickBooks Online Essentials or Plus, creating a custom field is a great solution. Follow the steps below to set up a custom field:


  1. From the Settings Gear, navigate to Account and Settings.
  2. Select the Sales tab, then find the section for Sales form content.
  3. Click the Edit pencil to make changes to that section.
  4. Under the heading Custom fields enter a name in a field below and select whether you want the field to be internal or public. To show that the invoice is overdue, you could try naming it Invoice Status or some variation. 
  5. Hit Save and then Done


Once you've followed those steps, the new field you've named will appear on your invoices. The field will only appear when you've entered text into it during the creation of the invoice. Check out this article for more information: How to add custom fields to invoices.


Another option is to use the Message on invoice field to enter a message letting the customer know that their invoice is overdue. The Message on statement field would also serve this purpose but is only visible if you send statements to your customers. Here's how to Create and view customer statements if you'd like to learn more about this feature.


Finally, you have the option to edit the email message that is sent to your customer when you send them a copy of their invoice. Once you've selected Save and send at the bottom of the invoice, you'll be prompted with a Send email window where you can review what your customer sees. To grab the customer's attention, changing the Subject line to "Overdue Invoice" or something along those lines could be very effective. Reminding them of the due date that appears at the top of the invoice in the body of the email will also be a useful reminder.


If these options aren't quite what you had in mind, I want to make sure you have your voice heard. Our product development team is eager to hear what users like you have to say about our products, and they want to make them better! From the Gear icon, select Feedback to express how important an overdue notice on an invoice is to your business. 


I hope you have a great rest of your week. Let me know if I can assist in any other way!

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