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Square creating duplicate transactions in bank and AR

I'm using Square as my POS and have it linked to my QBO. Square piles the transactions over the day/weekend, then deposits them as one transaction together into my bank. Square also is creating Account Receivables for every individual transaction over the day/weekend and creating an invoice/paid statement for each purchase.

The problem comes from the deposits to my bank showing in Quickbooks AND the AR statements. So when I run my P&L, it shows income from both the bank deposit and the AR. How can I resolve the additional accounting?



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QuickBooks Team

Square creating duplicate transactions in bank and AR

Hi there cabartonshuttle,


It's great to hear that you've been using Square to process your customer's payments. Integrating Square with QuickBooks is a quick and easy way to record transactions. I want to make sure that your transactions and deposits are displaying as expected in QuickBooks. 


When your Square deposit shows in your bank feeds, you'll want to ensure that you match it to the existing deposit recorded in your Chart of Accounts rather than add it in. Adding the transaction will cause a duplicate transaction to be created which may be the source of this issue. You also have the option to exclude this deposit from your bank feeds as it's already been recorded in QuickBooks by Square. To exclude a transaction, simply select it and click Exclude to send it to the Excluded tab. If you would like to exclude transactions that you've already categorized, locate it in the Categorized tab and select Undo to send it back to the For review tab. From there you can exclude it.


It sounds like you might be using the Sync with Square app to integrate Square with QuickBooks Online, but in case you're not, here is some more information about how to set it up: Sync Square with QuickBooks Online. It makes the integration between the two products much more seamless.


In this case, a call to our support team might make troubleshooting this issue a little easier. By doing a screen share, one of our agents will be able to follow along with you as you show them what's been happening and can provide on-the-spot support to resolve the problem. Feel free to get in touch when it's convenient for you by calling 1-855-253-1536 from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. EST


I know you'll be back to business in no time!