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What happens when you send an invoice?

Sent your first invoice? Congrats! Here's what to expect:

For the recipient

  • The recipient will receive an email that says you've sent them an invoice.
  • The email contains a summary with the amount due, the due date, and link to view more details.
  • The link goes to a payment site that shows the recipient the invoice breakdown.
  • If you were approved to receive payments online, your client will see a few options to make a payment directly from the invoice. The payment will be processed through the bank account you provided when you applied.
  • If you didn't apply for online payments, you and your client can arrange a payment by mail or other online services (like PayPal, Venmo, or the recipient's bank.)

For you

  • Once you hit Send, the invoice will reflect in a table summary on the Invoices page.
  • When you receive your payment, click the Mark as paid link in the Action column on the right. If you have Payments set up, this change will reflect automatically once the payment is received.
  • You can continue to take other actions as needed with the invoice, like printing or resending it.
  • Bonus points: Use the Status or Timeline dropdown to filter your invoices by recipient or status.

Note: Online Payments application is only available to US and Canada.

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