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How do i manually put GST amount?

We sometimes pay bills to vendor who charge for both GST and PST, but our business only registered for GST. What i've heard is to just record the gst and leave the rest as expense(is this right?). 

Here is the problem. Assume we paid a vendor for $112 which 100 is the product, $5 for Gst and $7 for Pst, 

When i record it into Quickbooks, if i click tax as gst only, it would shows as 106.67 for the product and 5.3 as gst.  

what I want it to show is $107 as the product and $5 as GST.

If there is any way i can manually put the GST amount instead of using the tax code? 

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QuickBooks Team

Re: How do i manually put GST amount?

Hi zkwatchandlearn,


Good to hear from you again! I'll be glad to share info on manually entering the GST amount instead of using a tax code. 


To do this, access your Homepage > navigate to Enter Bills > locate the the GST amount > the program should allow you to write over the existing amount. Make sure to save it after. Give this a try and let me know how you make out.


In case you need help, I'll be on standby. :)