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Payroll liability amounts do not match the PD7A report

The payroll liability amounts that are appearing in the Pay Liabilities/Taxes screen don't agree with what is shown on the PD7A report.

Correct the discrepancies between the payroll liability amounts in the Pay Liabilities/Taxes screen and the PD7A report

If you have put Year-to-date adjustments in for your employees, you must also enter prior payments (to the Receiver General) to clear the liabilities created when entering the adjustments for individual employees.

  1. In the menu bar, click Employees.
  2. Click Payroll Setup.
  3. Click Set Up YTD Amounts.
  4. Click Next four times until you get to the Enter Prior Payments screen.
  5. Click Create Payment.
  6. Enter the payment date and pay period ending date for the first payment applicable to the YTD adjustments entered (e.g. February 15 would be the first payment date for period ending January 31)
  7. Enter the amounts remitted for each payroll item for that particular payment
  8. Click Next and continue to enter each of the payments that were made up until your QuickBooks Desktop start date (e.g. if your QuickBooks Desktop start date is September 1, then the last payment entered would be August 15 for the pay period ending July 31)

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